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A Bigger Z2 - Enter the 6868S Billet 950 Horsepower Turbo

A Bigger Z2 - Enter the 6868S Billet 950 Horsepower Turbo

14th Mar 2018

The goal with the entire Z2 product line was to engineer turbos that spooled faster, flowed more air, while remaining affordable and built with the highest quality components to last the lifetime of the project. The 950+ horsepower 6868S Billet is no different and defines the new standard in a small package available in Race Journal Bearing or Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing to suite your application.

The 68mm / 92mm 7x7 bladed forged CNC compressor wheel offers 95 lbs/min of airflow and will take you just shy of the four digit club. Matched with an all new 76mm / 68mm turbine wheel, the response on this combination rivals 64mm and 67mm turbos from the competition.

Like all our turbos, we offer plenty of turbine housing options in T3 and T4, divided and open, to fit your project perfectly. Contact one of our representatives for more information on the AGP Z2-6868S Billet and get one ordered up and Get Boosted!

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