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Turbo Rebuild

Turbocharger Rebuild

If your turbo is feeling a little worn out, or you want to have it checked out by the pros, it may be time to send it in to AGP for a rebuild. Turbocharger bearing assemblies have wearable components that can be serviced by qualified technicians. We have over 20 years of turbo building and re-building experience and all the tools and machines needed to bring your old heap of a turbo back to life.

We completely disassemble every working component in your turbo during teardown so we can help determine your cause of failure. All of the parts are then cleaned and/or media blasted so all dimensions can be checked against factory specifications. We then will be able to determine what parts are re-usable and what parts need to be replaced.

After everything has been inspected, we balance the rotating assembly on our Heins TC-3 Turbo Balancer to tolerances specified by us that meet or more often times exceed those by the original turbo manufacturer.

New journal bearings, thrust bearing, clips, washers, seals, and piston rings are used when re-assembling your turbo.

We can rebuild Garrett-based T3, T4, large frame TV, GT, as well as Borg Warner "S" series / Airwerks turbochargers and also specialize in rebuilding Garrett GT Ball Bearing, and Garrett T Series Ball Bearing. If you have any questions on what type of turbo you have, we recommend calling us before you send it in.  Thank You.

Turbo rebuild costs can vary drastically if you have damaged major components.  Rebuilds start at $450 for standard journal bearing turbos, and $550 for ball bearing turbos, but remember the price will go up from there if you have damaged major components. The only way we can quote your rebuild cost is if the turbo is in front of us, and torn apart.  Quoting over email and the phone isn't possible, but we can give you the general costs of these rebuilds as noted above.  We charge an $80 checkout fee for all turbos sent to us for inspection.  That $80 fee goes towards the rebuild cost should you decide on having your turbo rebuilt.

Please print and fill out this form and follow the instructions before sending your turbo to AGP.

Any items left unpaid or unclaimed for a period of 30 days or more will be recycled or sold.