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BOV / Intercoolers

  • AGP Boost Leak Tester


    AGP Boost Leak Tester

    Use this aluminum boost leak tester tube to check your system for leaks.  The tube is 3" and has the necessary bead formed on the end so it will not blow off during tests.  The other end has a 1/4" NPT bung for you to attach all of your...

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  • AGP

    SRT-4 AGP EVM for Stock BOV

    Your factory Blow off Valve (surge valve) that came stock on your vehicle vents intake pressure back into the turbo's compressor housing. In stock form, it is very hard to hear the "woosh" or "psssft" when you left off the gas, because the air vents...

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  • AGP

    SRT-4 BOV Block Off Plate

    Purchase this aluminum piece separately if you already have an aftermarket external blow off valve, or if you want to run an external blow off valve. Aluminum This fits the factory and upgraded turbos on the Neon SRT-4, PT Cruiser Turbo, and Caliber...

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  • AGP

    SRT-4 Caliber External Blow Off Valve Kit

    The factory blow off valve in the Caliber SRT-4 not only vents back into the inlet of the compressor housing, but it also acts as a way to limit boost. Remove the factory BOV, and install our block off plate onto the compressor housing of your stock...

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  • TiAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valve

    For use on turbo-charged and super-charged applications. The body and all internal components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy. It features a large 1.98 in (50.5mm) valve; we believe this is the largest valve available with the highest flow...

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