Turbo Upgrades

  • SRT-4 / PT Cruiser Turbo TD04 Turbo Upgrade BWS

    SRT-4 / PT Cruiser Turbo TD04 Turbo Upgrade BWS

    A Big Wheel Stocker from AGP?  No way! Technically this is not from AGP as we have always bashed the BWS and its inability to truly compete with our big turbo kit.  There was a local shop to us that closed its doors recently that sourced these...

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  • SRT-4 AGP Stage 4 Package

    Introducing the AGP Dual Ball Bearing Stage 4 Package; from this point forward, let it be known as Stage 4. We know what you're thinking, "Not another confusing turbo kit offering from the turbo guys at AGP!" The reason why we've decided to create this...

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  • SRT-4 Big Turbo Kit

    Here is the fastest spooling, insane-power turbo upgrade for your Dodge Neon SRT-4. Everyone loved the ease of installation and tuning the "Big M's" Stage 3 turbo upgrade, however the power, availability, and upgrade-ability had always left a little on...

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  • SRT-4 Big Turbo Kit S251 and S256

    S256 OPTION IS OUT OF STOCK WITH NO ETA ON DELIVERY   You’ve spent the last year gathering up all of your supporting mods and you want to go Big Turbo, but you’re on a budget. We completely understand that, and have chosen the two best...

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