International Orders

We love the relationship we've built with our customers around the world for all these years.  Sometimes, however, we may need additional information from you to verify your purchase and your method of payment.  If you are able to send funds from a Paypal veryified country and bank, we will accept that form of payment.  If you cannot send a Paypal, we will require you to send funds through a Bank Wire Transfer. After you have chosen that method of payment on our order, your instructions will automatically be sent to you to complete the transaction. We are unable to process credit cards from international banks.

Most countries we will recommend shipping via DHL. DHL normally delivers orders within one week and without damage or loss.  We understand that DHL is a little more expensive than other carriers, however they are the best at handling international shipments.

For orders going to Canada, we give you a USPS option for shipping which typically is the least expensive shipping option for smaller, low value items. For higher weight and higher valued items, FedEx, UPS, and DHL are all options.  Some items will require a broker (FedEx Ground and UPS Standard) fee when shipped, that is collected by the Canada Customs.  We use a NAFTA Statement which should reduce or eliminate taxes/duties that you'll need to pay additionally. Remember, any additional fee beyond what AGP has charged you goes to your Canadian Government. We do everything we can to reduce your fees, however it is not our decision whether you need to pay additional duties/taxes/brokerages for shipments to you. No, we can not ship the package as a gift. We know it is a hassle, but this is the only way we will ship. For some reason your country has decided to tax you for handling products manufactured in North America, even though NAFTA was supposed to prevent that. For our friends to the North, we accept Paypal, Credit Cards, or Bank Wire Transfer.  Or if you want to drive down to our facility at pick it up with some cash, we will even treat you to a meal!

NOTE: We may require additional documents (Driver’s License, Back of Credit Card) for some transactions. These are to protect you, the cardholder from misuse and fraud.