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V Band Flanges and Clamps

AGP Turbo carries a wide array of v band flanges and clamps to fit almost any turbo or wastegate on the market. AGP has categorized these flanges and clamps by the OD (Outside Diameter) of the flange to better assist you in case you do not know exactly what you have or what you need.

1.  From the categories below, select what type of flange or clamp you need to connect to.

2.  Reach into your toolbox for a pair of calipers and measure the OD of the flange on your compressor housing, turbine housing, or wastegate. Our measurements are in standard inch, but if you need metric, multiply our standard numbers by 25.4.

3.  The part description will begin with the OD measurement. Note that some flanges may have the same OD but will have other features that make it specific to your application. If you have any questions on these, please send AGP an email.