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AGP S372 SX-E, Available and Shipping Now - The Skinny

AGP S372 SX-E, Available and Shipping Now - The Skinny

22nd Feb 2018

Since the release of Borg Warner’s S300 SX-E line of turbochargers back in 2015, AGP Turbochargers, Inc., based in Tempe, Arizona, developed a variety of turbine housings to provide end users numerous applications. From small A/R T3 housings, to large A/R T4 housings, AGP has you covered no matter your particular goals.

Not only did we see a need to offer all the turbine housings you can think of, but we also saw a demand to increase the airflow of this S300 sized frame. Enter the S372, designed and developed exclusively by AGP throughout 2017, and available now. The S372 starts with a Forged Milled compressor wheel measuring 72mm inducer, and 96mm exducer with airflow topping 1100hp. Previous offerings stopped at just shy of 1000hp, so this S372 will definitely give that bump to put you into that 4 digit club. AGP begins this S372 SX-E journey by disassembling a factory Borg Warner S300 SX-E, machining the bearing housing to accept the larger exducer wheel, and extensively modifying and machining the compressor cover to accept the 72mm of pure art. The core assembly is balanced and reassembled by AGP, and will carry a 1 year warranty just like a factory Borg Warner.

AGP S372 SX-E Specs:

- Borg Warner 4" Inlet 2.5" outlet compressor housing with port shroud map width enhancement, pre tapped for speed sensor and pressure port. (parts not included and will need to drill through)

- 72.00mm inducer 96.03mm exducer FMW Forged Milled Wheel (Billet)

- 73mm exducer, 80mm inducer turbine wheel

- T3 Open Scroll turbine housing available: .82 A/R, 1.06 A/R with 3" V band outlet

- T3 Twin Scroll Cummins Diesel Specific Housings available in .70 (12cm), .70 (12cm) Gated, .80 (14cm), .80 (14cm) Gated, with HX40 and HE351 Outlet

- T3 Twin Scroll turbine housing available: 1.25 A/R with 3" V Band Outlet

- T4 Open Scroll turbine Housings available: .81, .88, .96 A/R with 3" V Band Outlet

- T4 Twin Scroll turbine housings available in .83, .91, 1.00, and 1.10 A/R with 3.5 (4.21 Marmon), 3" V Band, and HX40 outlet options

AGP did not foresee Borg Warner developing a similar, factory S372, however with their display at SEMA and PRI 2017, and the 2018 catalog, Borg Warner will have one. How soon? We do not know. AGP is interested to see the performance back to back with Borg Warner’s version.  That's the skinny, as it is the most often asked question since AGP released it.

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