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Bigger Is Better - 1.27 A/R For S300

Bigger Is Better - 1.27 A/R For S300

15th Apr 2019

Tempe, Arizona - Have you ever gotten to that point in your life where the XL shirt just doesn't fit like it used to? You feel like you are being strangled and choked by the simple fact that the XL is just too small around your guts. The same can be felt in the S300sxe line from Borg Warner. The exhaust flow is being held back from housings that are just too small to support the airflow from the FMWs.

Today, enter a product from Borg Warner Tier One distributor, AGP, that solves that problem. AGP has cast a 1.27 A/R open T4 housing that opens up and frees the exhaust flow that was once limited by the .96 A/R. This configuration matches the frame of the AGP Turbo castings in .68, .81, and .96 A/R so no modifications are needed to your existing setup to run the new 1.27 A/R.

The inlet is the familiar open T4, with the industry standard 3" V Band (3.625 OD Flat) outlet. Currently AGP offers this housing to fit 76/68mm and 80/73mm S300 and S300sxe turbine wheels to match all Airwerks S360 - S372 variety supercores.

P/N T4O-36-127-B68: 76/68mm Turbine wheel found in: 177272, 177280, 177283, 13009097056, 13009097006, 13009097008

P/N T4O-36-127-B73: 80/73mm Turbine wheel found in: 177275, 177281, 177284, 13009097047, 13009097055, 13009097049, 13009097051, 13009095091

MSRP - $259 and is in stock and available now