New AGP / Borg Warner Combos for the Cummins 5.9 1994-up

14th Jul 2014

You love the durability, availability, and affordability of the Borg Warner S300sx series of turbos, however those factory John Deere housings make them a little bit more difficult to install and get to spool up. AGP Turbo has the answer by casting a correct .80 A/R, or 14cm2 for you Cummins guys, to fit these S300sx turbos with a divided T3 inlet and the 4" HX40 style outlet. Just bolt on to your 2nd Gen style manifold with an HX40 downpipe, and you win. Well, technically we win too.

These are "box stock" Borg Warner S300sx turbos stuffed in the 14cm housing. Turbo comes standard with Borg Warner's 3 pad thrust bearing, with optional 6 pad 360 degree bearing for extreme duty.

Available Turbos: 60/68/14, 63/68/14, and 66/73/14

Introductory Pricing $895