New T4 Inlet 3" V Band Outlet Turbine Housings Available

New T4 Inlet 3" V Band Outlet Turbine Housings Available

26th Jul 2016

With the latest Supercore offerings from Borg Warner, we set out again to develop more turbine housings. It seems like over the years we've become the Kings of Turbine Housings, and these three new castings certainly add to our Monarchy. Borg Warner's factory offerings are great, however we wanted to give a few more options for customers building new systems and allow the latest technology some backwards compatibility.

If you have an old Garrett or Turbonetics T Series frame already, you can now easily adapt Borg Warner's new SX-E turbo technology with our turbine housings that are a direct interchange to the old stuff. Freshen up your T-XX based turbo on your ride and welcome Extended Tip Forged Milled Wheel aerodynamics without the hassle of building a new downpipe and changing lines and charge pipes

We offer the .68, .81, and .96 housings with your standard open T4 footprint along with the industry standard 3" V Band outlet (3.625" OD).

As always, we offer quantity discounts for all dealers.

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