Nipples? Billet Aluminum Vacuum Tees – Single Double and Triple

8th Oct 2015

Whether you have a shop, work on your buddies’ cars in your own garage, or you like to install your own parts, you need to have some of these handy. There has always been a need for quality tees that fit ¼” vacuum line that are NOT plastic and have the proper beads on them so they do not blow apart. Well, luckily we have a full machine shop here so we decided to make them for ourselves about a year ago to go along with our turbo kits. Now we are offering them to everyone in single, double, and triple nipples and you can ditch those bulky vacuum blocks tied up to your firewall.

Vacuum Tee Single Barb 3-Pack

Vacuum Tee Double Barb 3-Pack

Vacuum Tee Triple Barb 3-Pack