2nd Gen Swap for 2003-2007 Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel

2nd Gen Swap for 2003-2007 Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel

22nd Aug 2019

Tempe, Arizona - What is a Second Gen Swap Kit?  The Second Gen Swap Kit simply means that you change some parts around on your Third Gen Common Rail 5.9 (2003-2007) so that the turbo is mounted centered in the same location as it did in a Second Generation truck from 1994-2002. If you have been intimate with your Third Gen, you know that the stock charger is mounted low and under cylinders five and six. Although this location works and everything fits, it does leave some performance to be gained by changing things up a bit. The Second Gen manifold is divided, meaning the cylinders are paired, 1-3 go to one port, and 4-6 the other. This gives you better performance by matching the exhaust pulses and minimizing turbulence when opposing cylinders are firing. Additionally, by running a center mounted turbo, you will have equalized drive pressures leading to a more balanced Exhaust Gas Temperature.

The kit begins by center mounting the turbo using a divided T3 OE manifold from the 1998-2002 24 valve truck in conjunction with Borg Warner’s S300 SX-E turbo line. Your choice of SX-E turbos are teamed with AGP’s .80 A/R, or 14cm, non-gated divided T3 turbine housing for the best spoolup and airflow available in a T3 configuration. We tap the exhaust manifold for EGT and Drive Pressure monitoring, simply remove the preinstalled plugs and thread in your favorite sensors.

We include an aluminum 4” short ram air intake for the turbo combined with a huge S&B filter so every bit of air makes its way to the turbo. The exhaust exits via our 4” diameter stainless midpipe which ends in the stock location for the 04.5-07 trucks. (Note: The 03-04 application will need a downpipe from 04.5-07 which we can supply in 4” or 5”.) All silicone couplers, clamps, gaskets, oil lines, and hardware is included in this kit for a simple installation.

We offer mirror polishing on the compressor housing and ceramic coating on the manifold, turbine housing, and midpipe. The polishing is for looks and the ceramic coating is for looks and performance. Although we’ve never been able to run a measurable back to back performance test, the drop in underhood temperatures when the exhaust components are coated provides a cooler charge air which leads to denser airflow and cooler EGTs in theory.

Why buy a swap kit and not just one of the AGP Bolt On Turbo UpgradesYour 15 year old truck likely has a couple hundred thousand miles on it ("just getting broken in, right?") and your stock manifold is likely cracked, your gaskets are likely brittle, and the oil feed and drain lines are likely coked with oil from the years of heat.  You wouldn't just buy one of our Bolt-On upgrades and put it on a cracked manifold, with falling apart gaskets, and coked up oil lines, would you?  We certainly do not recommend going down that path, and you would likely be purchasing a new manifold, some lines, and some gaskets.  Instead of purchasing stock location components that work OK, it only makes sense to purchase this package with centered manifold location and all the components that you would need to replace that spools faster and has lower EGTs .  And the best part, it all bolts on, and you won't have to fabricate anything yourself.

MSRP Under $3000 and Available Now